Demtruk 300 VHC Folding Cart


Weight: 35 lbs.(base)
Dimensions: 16x39x12 in
Capacity: 300lbs.
Loading Wheel Height: 23″-35″
Overall Length: 36″
Platform Height Folded: 10″ folded
Platform Height Standing: 26″-36″
Platform Length: 33″
Platform Width: 24″
Product Weight: 29 lbs.(top)

The Demtruk 300 VHC Folding Cart was designed from the ground up to help you easily load, unload and haul equipment such as medical equipment, copiers, office equipment, beverage equipment and more. The Demtruk 300 VHC Folding Cart allows one person to do the job of several. Loading and unloading is a snap due to the Demtruk’s adjustable and variable heights. The Demtruk 300 VHC Folding Cart is a collapsible Folding Cart so you can store it right next to your equipment during travel in just  a few seconds.


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