ProfessionalCarts - Best Service Carts Of 2021- Reviews And Top Picks

Best Service Carts Of 2021- Reviews & Top Picks

Do you own a restaurant? Is it that you would like to deliver food to a place or just display the food items you have? Do you have a job regarding food that needs to be moved around?

And you see that a moving cart is the only affordable option for you at the moment. Well, no worries because we have listed a couple of mobile carts that you can use to place the right amount of food in it and pull or push it around the place with 0 efforts!

Allow me to walk you through some of the carts mentioned below, although, let’s take a look at why exactly is it important to buy a service cart right away, shall we?

Why Buy A Service Cart?

The reasons behind getting a service cart for yourself or others isn’t a sole reason, but many!

The essential use of this type of cart is carrying your food. That is true. The carts mentioned here are made up of strong cloth, or material, as some would like to say that they allow you to move the cart with ease.

Also, the wheels have been made in such a way that even though you weigh the cart down, it won’t give you much trouble, as long as you are mindful of the weight capacity the cart holds.

While the whole purpose of a service cart is to help you move your food around, a service cart can also be a multi-usage device. You could also use this cart to store your things while sitting in the storeroom if it’s not of any use to you at the moment.

Who Needs A Service Cart?

People who usually engage with food activities may be in search of such a product. Use this kind of cart to store your food items until they have been delivered safely to their destination or from your kitchen to your customer’s room if you are managing a hotel.

Also, when choosing a cart, remember to check which cart fits your needs perfectly. You wouldn’t want to end up with a cart that may not be as useful to you as it could’ve been.

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This Pipi Shell product gives you the ultimate use for it. It is the best tool to go with when you have to deliver a portion of delicious food for room service. It weighs about 35.6 pounds and is capable of carrying about 500 pounds in total.

The large wheels let you store heavy items in it. Plus, the assembly of this product didn’t take a lot of time and was easy even.

Product Specifications

  • High-quality sturdy foam construction– this service cart with wheels is made of HDRP (high-density polyethylene) and each of the 3 tier shelves is built with safe rounded corners to protect walls & furniture. Won’t get rusted, chipped, or dented so easily, and it’s easy to clean the surface makes maintenance a breeze.
  • Specially designed wheels– with 5-inch TPR Thermo-Plastic-Rubber material, 2 rigid casters & 2 swivel casters that make the service cart move freely and excellently for transporting equipment, tools & heavy loads in any environment.
  • Perfect size and storage weight– this tub cart has a surface size of 34.5x17x32.5 inches (87.5*42.5*32.5cm) and offers 500 pounds of storage weight capacity, perfect for the heaviest loads. Molded-in storage compartments, holsters, hooks, and notches, customizable fittings, and an easy-access bottom shelf makes space for all your tools & keeps them close at hand.
  • Ergonomic push-cart handle with coffee cup holder– this service cart with wheels has a handle with a built-in coffee cup holder that provides optimum hand placement and pushing height to improve control & worker safety. Navigate warehouses, classrooms, loading docks, or stock rooms with ease.


  • Made up of high-density material, that is, polyethylene.
  • Measures a thickness of about 8.5 inches. 
  • It is capable of carrying about 500 pounds in total. 
  • Perfect for just about anyone.
  • Long-lasting quality


  • It consists of only 3 tiers.
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Manufacturer WEN has brought this glorious product into our lives! This product is so pleasant to the eye that you can also use it for a gathering you are hosting to hold up a couple of salads and a bucket of ice and a bottle of wine!

It can hold up to 500 pounds totally, so delivering a large amount of food is not an issue either.

It weighs around a single pound, so it is easy to carry around too. Plus, when you can use the wheels that have been integrated here.

Product Specifications​

  • Two 30 in. by 16 in. by 4 in. shelves hold up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight.
  • Avoid rust, chips, and dents with an easy-to-clean surface for simple maintenance.
  • 5-inch non-marring casters provide effortless and smooth mobility without scuffing surfaces.
  • Convenient push handles include a variety of smaller compartments along with a cup-holder for additional storage.
  • Durable polypropylene material ensures a long lifespan.


  • The assembly is pretty easy.
  • Is quite durable.
  • The surface is exceptionally easy to clean, so, no worries even if you end up with a spill on the cart!
  • Goes perfectly with any environment.


  • It is only two-tier.
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The brand that manufactured this product is METRO, and they have used stainless steel to make this product. 

It is an excellent item to use when it comes to mobile carts you need to hold up food. So, feel free to weigh it down. Also, the wheels have been made fine to not be bothered with the extra weight.

Product Specifications​

  • The Brand Name– METRO.
  • The capacity– 375 pounds. 
  • The height– 39 inches.
  • The included compartment is a cart. 
  • Item weight is 1.00 pounds. 
  • The length of the cart is 36 inches. 
  • The width of the item is 21 inches. 


  • Utility cart made of type 304 stainless steel has swivel casters, three shelves, and two U-shaped handles and is suitable for sorting, storing, and transporting items.
  • Shelves are made of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel and have double-thick edges and epoxy-coated cast aluminum corners for strength and stability.
  • Four 5-inch/127 mm swivel casters made of rubber help protect floors from marks.
  • Four rubber donut bumpers on casters help protect walls and furniture from damage.
  • 375 lb./170 kg of total capacity.


  • Cannot fit tall items in the second and third tray.
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This other service cart produced by Alvorog can also be used as an organizational product. Especially the little cups clipped to the side make it look great and are very useful too.

You could just put your spoons, butter knives, forks, and things you would like to store there. Also, it is capable of holding up to 90 kgs of weight at once. This tells us that each shelf can hold around 30 kgs easily.

Product Specifications

  • Sturdy and stable– The storage rolling cart is made of a high-quality steel frame and ABS trays, which have the feature of anti-corrosion, waterproof, scratch-resistant. The thick metal frame makes it sturdy enough to hold up to 200lbs.
  • Spacious storage capacity– 3-tier utility cart provides large storage space while saving you floor space to optimize the space utilization as much as possible; great storage solution for a small kitchen.
  • All for your convenience– Equipped with 4 wheels (2 lockable) and handle design make it easy & convenient to keep the serving cart roll it around to anywhere you need or place in a permanent place.
  • Multi-purpose use- This rolling utility cart is easy storage and transportation as an art cart, bathroom cart, bar cart, craft cart, baby room cart, organization rack, serving cart, storage shelves, tools cart, etc.
  • Stylish design– The black color and the holes basket design make this cart look stylish, elegant, and cute to decorate your indoor or outdoor space. Fit various styles of interior design and offer useful storage space.


  • A variety of colors are available.
    It is capable of holding a lot of things at once.
  • The assembling is very easy, that is, putting this product together is very easy.
  • The wheels make it easy for you to move the cart around.
  • You will find that this product is one of the cheapest products available online in its style.
  • Top-notch quality and no compromise on durability


  • While the cups are a great organizational tool, they are the ones that are responsible for pumping up the price of the entire product.
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This service cart has wheels that help you move it around. Also, the item weighs about 24.1 pounds. Dragway tools have done an exceptional job on this product because it is useful and pleasant to the human eye too.

Also, it is very lightweight, so, just carry it around to where it will be needed. The assembly is pretty easy as well.

Product Specifications

  • 150 lbs. total load capacity (50 lbs. per tray)
  • Three (3) service trays measure at 27-3/4 in. (L) x 13-3/4 in. (W) x 2-3/8 in. (H)
  • Overall dimensions: 30-1/2 in. (L/including handle.) 13-3/4 in. (W) 30 in. (H)
  • Four (4) 1 in. (W) 3-1/2 in. (H) wheels (two (2) wheels swivel 360°)
  • Color: Red. Net Weight: 25 lbs.


  • The three tiers give you a good amount of space to place your veggies!
  • The color and style make it look exceptionally glorious.
  • You don’t have to fret over putting the thing into place, that is, to assemble it.
  • The wheels that are available help you move the cart with no difficulty.
  • The service cart is super lightweight.


  • The load capacity isn’t a lot.
  • The tall items can be a little hard to place
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This trolley that has one too many names is capable of all the names it has inherited. It works just fine as a utility and organizational cart where you can just organize everything or a storage cart where you can just store things that you want to.

It is a service cart to arrange your food items and then, move them around to where you want to. The lockable wheels give you the advantage of parking the trolley anywhere you would like.

It is a multi-functional trolley that has been designed with care and keeps user experience in mind. Comes with a three-tier capacity that empowers you to store a larger assortment of items within the same refined conditions.

Product Specifications

  • The High-quality product– The frame of the rolling storage trolley is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the tray is made of ABS plastic which is lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and scratch-resistant.
  • A Multifunctional trolley– This trolley can be used as a tool trolley, service trolley, book trolley, sundries trolley, kitchen storage trolley, dining trolley, storage rack, art trolley, bathroom trolley, bar trolley, baby room Cart, storage rack. It is used for organizing racks in garages, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, courtyards, restaurants, laundry rooms, pantry, studios, classrooms, etc. Convenient storage and transportation. It can add extra storage space to any room.
  • Easy to Move– The rolling trolley with handle is equipped with 4 high-quality wheels (2 can be locked), which can easily move in any direction in any position. Because the casters are adjustable, it can also stand evenly on uneven floors. The service trolley can be easily kept wherever you need it or locked in a fixed position.
  • The Three-tier storage capacity– This trolley comes with 3 large-capacity baskets, which can provide enough space for your daily storage. The entire rolling frame is approximately 43x 36 x 87cm (W x D x H), with 3 layers of 30 x 40 x 7.5 cm (W x D x H) storage baskets, each of which can hold approximately 66 pounds (30 kg). You can put anything to optimize space utilization and save space.
  • Easy to Assemble– With all fixtures and fittings are needed for simple installation to ensure you install your rolling cart safely and conveniently. Kindly contact us if you need assistance.
  • The Three-tier storage capacity– This trolley comes with 3 large-capacity baskets, which can provide enough space for your daily storage. The entire rolling frame is approximately 43x 36 x 87cm (W x D x H), with 3 layers of 30 x 40 x 7.5 cm (W x D x H) storage baskets, each of which can hold approximately 66 pounds (30 kg). You can put anything to optimize space utilization and save space.


  • Easy to Assemble– With all fixtures and fittings are needed for simple installation to ensure you install your rolling cart safely and conveniently. Kindly contact us if you need assistance.


  • Use this cart for any purpose or anything, say, a utility cart, for instance, and it performs just as well! 
  • They have wheels that can be locked into place.
  • The assembly is pretty quick and easy. 
  • Looks stylish. 
  • It is an easy item to move. 
  • An excellent storage tool, as well.


  • The space that has been provided can not be enough sometimes.
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This product is given out in the colors, white, blue, and grey which gives your room a beautiful look no matter where you look at it from. The material used to make this product is a metal steel frame.

The wheels have been made out of PVC while the baskets are plastic. Also, it is capable of holding up to 132 lbs, that is 60, kgs, and the assembly of this product is pretty simple leading to taking no time at all.

Product Specifications

  • Durable and Stable– This storage rolling cart is made of high-quality steel and environmentally friendly ABS. Sturdy solid metal and ABS basket, waterproof, scratch-resistant, each layer can carry 44 pounds.
  • A Large Storage Capacity– Comes with a 3 tier basket, you can store kitchen accessories, cosmetics, office supplies, tools, art supplies, toys, organize cleaning supplies, and more items you want. Except providing large capacity also helps saving space and room.
  • Easy movements– Equipped with handles and 4 metal rolling wheels (2 lockable), easy for you to move it into any directions you need, even in narrow space or place in a permanent place.
  • Multifunction– Qimh rolling storage cart is easy to store and move. It can be used as kitchen storage carts, bathroom carts, utility carts, service carts, tool carts, and more, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and other spaces.
  • Unique Stylish Design– Modern design mesh basket with blue-gray and white colors, which are elegant and fashionable, adding sleek style to any space. You can match the color sequence of the basket according to your preference. What’s more, 3 colors is better for you to classify your stuff. Due to different computer/screen displays, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images. Allow slight deviation due to manual measurement.


  • The product is capable of holding a lot of weight at once.
  • The assembly is quite easy.
  • Movement of the wheels is simple too, which makes it easier to control.
  • The design at the bottom was solely to avoid water accumulation there.
  • Two of the wheels from the four are lockable.


  • The size may turn out to not be able to satisfy you.
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Happikids is here with this amazing product that acts like a storage cart, craft cart, and service cart as you wish! Use it to store all your crafts too that you’ve been using to make crafts with your kid or store them just like that.

But we are here to talk about the service cart as a service cart, so, you would be pleased to hear that the wheels work perfectly well and the entire cart is capable of holding up to 132 pounds in total.

Product Specifications

  • Heavy Duty Rolling Cart- The 3-Tier Utility Rolling Cart is made of a metal frame and heavy-duty ABS storage baskets which are lightweight, durable, anti-corrosion, waterproof, scratch-resistant. The thick metal frame makes it strong enough to hold up 132 pounds.
  • Large Storage Basket & Saving Space– The 3-tier craft cart has 3 large capacity storage baskets which are 15.7″ L x 11.8″ W x 3″ H,3-tier design can provide more SAVE space and help you organize messily and classify, to make the home more tidy and comfortable.Measuring 16.53 x 13.77 x 34.3 inches.
  • Easy To Move– Rolling cart with 4 wheels (2 lockable) and handle design, reduce friction on the floor, the storage rolling cart can be moved anywhere and stop stably even on a slope.
    Multipurpose Cart & Easy Assembly- The rolling utility cart is easy storage and transportation as a bathroom cart, bar cart, art cart, craft cart, baby room cart, organization rack, serving cart, storage shelves, tools cart, etc. Equipped with assembly instructions, only 10-20 minutes to complete.
  • Customer Satisfaction Service– If you have any quality problem(Non-artificial damage), please feel free to contact the brand, they will provide you with a reply within 24 hours. They hope that their customers are 100% satisfied.


  • It is super easy to put together and that barely takes any time, that being assembling the product.
  • It is made up of metal and ABS.
  • Is capable of holding up to 90 kgs in total.


  • Placing tall items upright in the second and third trays may be difficult and sometimes, infinite.
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A person with needs that need tools everywhere he goes would appreciate such a cart. Just use this product as whatever you need. Although, assuming you are looking for a service cart, this is another one of the carts we would suggest!

It has wheels that make movement easy and can hold up to 200 pounds of weight. Also, it is super easy to put together for usage.

Product Specifications

  • Advanced material construction– High-density plastic and aluminum construction makes these 2 self-rolling carts sturdy, lightweight, and maneuverable; It also won’t rust, dent, chip, or peel
  • Easy maneuverability– Ergonomically designed push cart handle provides optimum hand placement and pushes height improving control and worker safety; Compact design makes navigating restaurant tables, warehouse shelves, and back of house facilities easy
  • Perfect for the heaviest loads– This service cart with wheels is perfect for transporting materials, supplies, and heavy loads in almost any environment; Structural foam provides more durability than other materials, offering 200 pounds of total storage weight capacity, with 100 pounds per shelf
  • Specially designed wheels– 4-inch non-marking thermoplastic rubber swivel casters absorb shock, provide floor surface protection, and quiet operation; Excellent on linoleum, tile, terrazzo, wood, smooth concrete, and carpet
  • Many spaces for usage– Compact design is perfect for navigating tight restaurant tables, shelves, store aisles, garages, classrooms, or office spaces
  • Protective corners have been integrated– Carts are designed with rounded plastic corners so that there is no damage to walls or obstacles, even on impact
  • Large shelves– Textured shelves allow equipment and supplies to stay right in place, and their large size gives 13 square feet of combined storage space among the 3 shelves


  • The product doesn’t take long to assemble and the manual assembly is pretty simple too.
  • Has wheels that help you enormously.
  • Made with a nice type of material.
  • This service cart is capable of holding a lot of weight.
  • It is sturdy and durable too.


  • The product is slightly pricey as compared to the others that fall under its category.
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This Finnhomy product can be used for basically anything you can do with a regular cart! Store fruits in it and give it a good rub with some soap and the smell of fruit will be gone!

Plus, it looks super cool, so, having something like this in the house or the restaurant or a place will not harm. And the wheels attached at the bottom help you with moving it around.

Product Specifications

  • Sturdy construction– This Rolling Utility Cart is constructed from industrial-strength steel and equipped with 1-inch diameter poles. Can hold up to 500lbs on wheels.
  • Multi-functional– The 15mm thick, dark brown wood top can be used as a platform, it’s a good choice for use in kitchens, dining rooms, or outside for a barbecue. And you can also use it in warehouses, when you need to move something big, you can easily remove the wood top to transform it into a heavy-duty utility cart.
  • Humanization design– This mobile cart comes with a convenient handle push-bar and a ventilated basket. The shelves can be adjusted at one-inch intervals. We also provide 4 screws for you to connect the wood top with the cart.
  • Anti-rust– High-quality chrome anti-rust shelves to let you store fresh vegetables, fish, meat, and so on. Finnhomy guarantees you will be satisfied with our high-quality and cost-effective products.
  • Dimension and service– This durable mobile cart measures 30.2″L x 18.2″W x 33″H, easy to assemble, no tools required. High-grade material brings you confidence and removes all risks. Any problem you can contact us and 100% money back for any reason you are unsatisfied with this utility cart.


  • The assembly of the item is quite easy.
  • The space that you will be provided with this product is a lot.
  • The product is made with good quality material.
  • The access is easy too.
  • Use for multiple reasons as well other than for transportation of food.


  • Tall items may not fit in the second and the third trays of the cart.
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HIGOOD brings us this amazing product that helps us store anything in it! It is a low maintenance tool that one can use for bringing things together without much effort.

For example, if you have to go to the library and set books back, just take this service cart to store the books until you have to place them back.

Product Specifications

  • Canvas Basket Truck, Service Carts.
  • Knock Down Truck. Canvas Basket Truck, is strong and durable.
  • Ideal for moving goods around a warehouse, schools, libraries, hotels, church, hospital, etc. anywhere.
  • A removable vinyl fabric liner allows for easy maintenance.
  • Steel and hardwood frames for industrial strength.


  • It has been hand-stitched for the brand’s dear customers!
  • Contains wheels to make movements easier.
  • Use it for anything, such as books, clothes, blankets, toys, etc.


  • You may not be able to store sharp items like knives or maybe even a couple of screwdrivers or anything that can risk getting the bag torn.
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Lakeside is another brand that brings us a product as glorious as this one! It has about 3 shelves and is around 32 inches long, approximately. It is made up of plastic and can be used for anything that requires a replacement of things from one place to another.

The sturdy and strong material enables it to hold up weight without breaking apart.

Product Specifications

  • Versatile carrying– The Lakeside 2500 is a 3-shelf utility cart and is constructed from sturdy polyethylene and has a 300 lb. capacity. This cart is impact resistant and resists stains and odors for lasting use.
  • A restaurant cart– Suited for use in foodservice as well as some industrial applications for multi-purpose situations.
  • The three shelves– This cart has 3 shelves measuring 16″ x 25.5″ and clearance of 11.5″.
  • The plastic– Sturdy polyethylene plastic is impact resistant. Stain and odor-resistant material maintain an attractive appearance over time. Epoxy-coated steel legs are sleek and durable.
  • Casters: All-Swivel, No-Mark.
  • Overall dimensions: 17.5″ x 31.75″ x 38″. Shelf dimensions: 16″ x 25.5″, 11.5″ clearance. 300 lb. capacity. Ships unassembled, easy assembly.


  • The height of this product is about 38 inches.
  • This product is an excellent service cart that can be used in a restaurant.
  • The wheels attached at the bottom make movement super easy.
  • It is very classy to look at.
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This product by BOKALAKA has a push hand that helps in saving any physical energy you might otherwise spend. Also, they are made up of stainless steel that requires you to be worry-free because it is corrosion-resistance as well!

Also, the wheels help you enormously too, and the drawers that are available help you set all of your things in a much neat manner.

Product Specifications

  • A high-quality material– This stainless steel cart is made of high-quality thick stainless steel as a whole, high-tech welding technology, and durable. Size: S-60 * 40 * 86cm
  • A high-quality silent slide– This stainless steel cart adopts rail-type drawers as a whole, high-quality stainless steel drawers, silent slides, light and comfortable, no odor, easy to clean
  • A Delicate lock-This stainless steel cart adopts a curved lock as a whole, the frame is connected with a plastic buckle, the connection is tighter, does not hurt the steel pipe, good-looking and practical
  • A large capacity trash can– This stainless steel cart is equipped with a garbage basin, convenient for medical tasks, keeping the site clean and tidy, height adjustable
  • Wear-resistant silent casters– This stainless steel cart uses wear-resistant non-slip casters, wheels are anti-static anti-slip rubber universal casters, small wheel resistance, high wear resistance, silent sliding


  • The product is super easy to put together, that is, assemble and it does not take too much time either.
  • The extra pieces can be used for the organization as well as storage.
  • It is super cool to look at, so, store it anywhere in the house!
  • It has got wheels that help you move the entire cart around.


  • When you have to store tall items, they may not fit in.

Who Needs A Service Cart?

This is a mystery that has a different answer for every person but all the answers are quite similar. Mostly because anyone who owns anything requires a cart they can place things on.

Now, what sort of cart would that be? That is up to you. But here’s something you should know about service carts.

While their main purpose is to help you move your food from your kitchen to your guest’s room or from the truck to the house, their motive can be modified ever so slightly.

You can use them for carrying your books when you have to set them around in a library, or blankets that your guests may have ordered for you to get.

Other than that, you should remember that many of these carts have a special ability to get rid of mild smells. So, reusing the carts for other non-food related purposes after using it for food won’t be a lot of a problem at all.

All you have to do is choose the best option for you in terms of shape, size, material, color, etc. because when they are of no professional use, you can just pack them up and take them home with you!

Which Service Cart Should You Get?

You would be glad to know that this question can only be answered by you. Why? Well, first, only you know what you need, we can only guess. So, you realize the need of this type of cart’s size and maybe material too but we can only help you with finding the right size and material.

Second, only you can give a definite price tag or limit to purchase a cart. So, you can categorize it into that form to make the search hunt a little bit easier for you.

Third, you are aware of your conditions to keep the cart maintained. Usually, you choose carts that can survive the climate you live in. so, remember to choose a cart that doesn’t falter with the kind of climate you have.

Normally, these carts are great for transporting your food, and using a cloth material for this is great. But you may also need a metal material to hold up an extra amount or if you are serving the room right to your customer’s room.

Also, when you purchase these carts, you will find that they require you to put them together, that is, assemble them. This is quite easy, so, here’s a fun project time for you!


What do you keep in mind when purchasing a service cart?

When you are proceeding to buy a service cart, you should remember what your purpose is and whether the cart you are looking at succeeds in fulfilling your needs or not.

Then, remember to check the price of the product because you wouldn’t want something that’s been overpriced now, would you?

Also, check the customer reviews before you buy any cart to make sure that others are happy with the product and if it can satisfy you.

What is a service cart used for?

A service cart is ideally used to move your food around the place. Whether it is your room 503 in your hotel or the 2nd house on Brooklyn street, delivering food becomes less messy and much easier to transport.

How durable are service carts?

This question can only be answered by the product you get and how you maintain it. Normally, they are known to last from 6 months to uncountable years if used exceptionally well.

So, keep your usage well and you are good to have this cart for almost the rest of your life!