ProfessionalCarts - The Best Kitchen Carts for 2021: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Kitchen Carts for 2021: Reviews & Top Picks

Kitchens are one of the most precious places in your house. Apart from preparing your food, you pretty much spend a lot of time doing things, making things, and compartmentalizing your stuff in the kitchen.

Given the excessive nature of use, it makes sense for you to try and make your kitchen look picture-perfect, just the way you see it in the magazines and TV sets. Since you require a lot of space in your kitchen, you need to find the right storage for things.

With that being said, you should ensure that you have some good storage spaces along with rolling carts. Why add rolling carts in the kitchen you ask? Well, firstly, they look super stylish in your kitchen, secondly, they are perfect for mobile storage.

Choosing a rolling cart that helps you re-purpose storage cabinets and spaces is the perfect way to make use of your kitchen. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see why you should add some great kitchen carts in your kitchen today!

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The charaHome kitchen cart is one of the best picks to choose for a modern house. Built with a classy design, this kitchen cart makes your work in the kitchen and storage simple.

The three-tier kitchen cart is designed in a beautiful Nordic style, which helps you find a perfect touch of snazzy and class for a modern kitchen.

Furthermore, it comes with a massive storage space.

Not only does it house three tiers of storage drawers, with ample space, it also comes with smaller compartments to store other things. The countertop is made with solid wood, which provides you a space to store things or chop them up.

Furthermore, there are three separate racks, next to the storage drawers, which helps you make use of the space for other, smaller things. The three tiers help you to organize everything neatly. The wheels are sturdy and efficient.

The pristine design of the storage unit helps you to make use of it as an island in your kitchen or outdoors. The handle of the drawer is made to fit your hand, which helps you push and pull it wherever you feel like it.


  • 3 Tiers Drawer: Our Bar serving cart with 3 drawers will help you to keep your stuff steady. This kitchen bar provides more space for your fruits, cooking, snacks and kitchen supplies, etc.
  • Luxury Design: A Nordic-style look and easy to clean. Made with high-quality materials and metals that give a wooden look of sophistication, this bar cart with wheels will add a whole new level of refinement to your next social event.
  • Easy to move: This Serving cart has 4 rolling casters so easy to move, 2 of them are lockable preventing them from sliding when stopped. Keep everything in your hand. You can use it in restaurants, bars, living rooms, wherever you want.
  • Solid wood countertop: The solid wood countertop is rugged and crash-resistant. This cart offers you maximum strength and efficiency. It can accommodate plenty of things, such as fruits, wine glasses, plates, and snacks, etc. Nordic style color beautifies your kitchen style.
  • Easy to Assemble and Warranty: With the instruction and all necessary hardware included, you will never get stuck with the assembly jobs for the serving cart. 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service ready to serve you within 24h.


  • It comes in white color, which is suited for any type of kitchen.
  • The look is stylish (Nordic).
  • It has three tiers, with drawers and shelves.
  • The pull handle is easy and is soft.
  • The cart is easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty for your cart.
  • The wheels of the cart are flexible, with 360-degree ease.
  • The countertop is made of solid wood.
  •  It can be used outdoors and indoors.
  • Can be proposed as a mobile kitchen island.


  • The make could appear flimsy.
  • It cannot carry too much weight.
  • The instructions with the cart are vague.
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While choosing a kitchen cabinet, it is essential to look for the one that offers you maximum space to work with. The Dolly Madison kitchen cart by Home Styles is one such cart that will help you to add styles and usability to your kitchen.

Perfect for any type of kitchen, the cart is designed simply. It comes with a classic vibe and is available in two colors. There are two closed compartments, which allow you to make use of the storage easily.

Furthermore, there are two drawers and two towel racks on either side of the cart. In truth, this looks less like a cart but more of a kitchen accessory and island.

The design of the cart is such that it allows you to rest easy in the kitchen. You don’t have to worry about getting the cart dirty, the spray-on paint is solid and is easy to clean. Additionally, it is weatherproof.

The cart is equipped with large storage spaces, all of which are adjustable. You can adjust your cart’s shelves to make them fit the things you wish to store. The feature of adjustability makes the cart user-friendly.

The cart is made with MDF and high-quality rubberwood, which allows you to find a sturdy fit for the kitchen. The wheels have a braking design and can be locked to provide stability.

Equipped with a countertop, which is solid and works well for storage as well, and standard wheels, the cart is everything you could ask for!


  • Spacious Kitchen Island with Storage: Kitchen island cart has a large countertop for placing fruits, vegetables, spices, and so on. Equipped with 2 drawers, 2 towel racks, and 2 closed cabinets, spacious storage can be realized. Kitchen island cart size 48.2L x 18.5W x 35.4H.
  • Adjustable Shelves and Durable Kitchen Island: Kitchen island cart is made of high-quality rubberwood and MDF. Shelves in cabinets can be adjustable according to the height of stuff. With exterior spray paint, the surface is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Smooth Telescopic Channel: Kitchen island cart channel can slide in and out with ease, which has been tested many times in the factory. Metal sliding channel makes pull comfortable
  • Flexible Universal Wheels: 4 rolling kitchen islands on wheels can be swiveled with ease. Brake design makes wheels locked at a stable position as you like.
  • Easy to Assemble: Kitchen Island is convenient to set up. Sturdy rolling kitchen island comes with 1-year after-sale service for free and lifetime customer service ready to serve you within 24h. 


  • The drawers are spacious, it allows you to fit dinner and kitchen supplies well.
  • There are two closed cabinets.
  • It looks great and is stylish.
  • The shelves in the cabinets can be adjusted as per height.
  • The wheels of the cart come with a brake design and feature lockability.
  • The kitchen cart is available in two different colors.
  • The cart is easy to assemble.
  • The cart can be used as a kitchen island.
  • It comes with a manual.
  • A solid countertop helps you find more storage space.
  • The two towel racks can also be used just like push and pull handles for the cart.
  • It is made with superior MDF and high-quality rubber wood.
  • There is a metal channel, which allows the push and pulls movements of the cart, to be smooth.


  • The wood top can get scraped easily.
  • The instruction manual is not clear, and the assembly may become tricky.
  • Some of the screws do not tighten and keep spinning.
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This kitchen cart helps you get your things done, without creating a ripple in your perfect kitchen. Many feel that adding a kitchen cart would take up space, and are not happy with the idea of using more space to create space for themselves.

However, this kitchen cart helps you get more space without taking up space! Compact in size, there’s so much you can fit in this tiny cart! From wine to dining wares, you can store whatever to create your trolley of food in no time.

First things first, it comes in different sizes, so you can choose whichever you like. Next, the design is compact and clear, it is a pretty neat kitchen storage cart. The cabinets come with slim handles, whose colors complement the kitchen cart.

It comes with a cream-colored countertop, which allows you to make use of it in different ways. You can use the countertop to chop vegetables and fruits in the kitchen or outdoors, and you can make use of it to eat as well. In other words, it functions well as an island too!

Another impressive thing about the kitchen cart is that it comes with a wide drawer, which can be used for storing plates and bigger items, and two compartments and one large compartment at the bottom.

Furthermore, there are three racks for wine as well. You can store pretty much anything and everything in these carts! The cart comes equipped with standard wheels and a manual with instructions.


  • Storage: With 1 drawer, 2 storage cupboards, 3 wine bottle racks, 4 wheels (2 with brake).
  • Material: Rubberwood, MDF. Dimensions: W67 x D37 x H87cm.
  • Weight: 17kg. Load capacity: 50kg
  • Aid in Kitchen: Space-saving kitchen trolley offers a lot of storage space for various utensils and bottles in your kitchen.
  • Easy Assembly: The item comes in a flat pack and requires self-assembly. Detailed instructions supplied.


  • The kitchen cart has ample space for storing kitchen supplies.
  • It comes with three racks for wine storage.
  • The cart has a sturdy countertop.
  • This cart can be repurposed to be used in different ways.
  • It has two small drawers, one wide drawer, and one large drawer.
  • The cart is compact in size and looks great.


  • It does not feature any handles for push and pull movement.
  • The wheels are standard, thereby aren’t of good quality.
  • There are no color variants of this cart.
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One of the most spacious and space-saving kitchen carts, this cart helps you find the right place for your kitchen things and helps you find ease in the kitchen.

One of the best and most impressive features of the kitchen cart is the beautiful look and ample space. With a deep grey color, this cart stands with a stylish look. If anything, this cart is the perfect addition to your kitchen, if the style is all you need.

The cart comes with a lot of space. There are drawers, there are cabinets and then there are shelves, with a countertop. The storage is easy to use thanks to the pretty knobs on the drawers and the compartments.

The cart comes with four wheel casters, which are easy for mobility. These casters have a lockable feature as well, which allows the cart to slide over any surface without hobbling and wobbling. Furthermore, the casters help in providing stability to the overall structure.

The kitchen island and rolling cart come with a modern lacquer finish, which makes it just perfect. It can fit into your kitchen for the show and the work.
Made with rubberwood, the entire cart is made in one piece. The lacquer finish helps in weatherproofing the cart.

Another impressive thing about the cart is that it is a multipurpose cart. You can even store some kitchen appliances on the countertop. Or you could take this cart to some other room and add it as a piece to the room’s furniture, it’ll look just as good!


  • Spacious Storage Capacity: Multi-layer utility kitchen cart offers plenty of storage space while saving floor space. There is one drawer on the top and one cabinet on the right side, and two open shelves on the left side which provide enough storage space for you.
  • Easy to Move & Lockable Casters: Equipped with four wheel casters for a portable move. and two of them are lockable, which enable stability of the bar cart kitchen island at all times.
  • Sturdy and Durable Kitchen Island: The kitchen island top of the cart is made of whole pieces of rubberwood. Painted in clear lacquer finish, waterproof surface is conducive to extend usage period.
  • A Practical Service Cart for Any Occasion: You can put a microwave oven and other kitchen appliances on the sturdy tabletop.One tower holder on the left side which can not only be used to hang towels but also can be used as a cart armrest. The cart has an elegant design and could suit different room décor styles. It could be used as a kitchen cart, bookshelf, or the entryway console table.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All products sold by this company, come with a  strict assurance of the quality, so you can feel comfortable to buy and use. They also provide shipping accessories and return services. The customer service can be accessed 24 x 7 through the mail, or call. 


  • It comes in a dazzling design and color.
  • There is ample storage space.
  • It has hooks on the side, for additional things to be stored.
  • Has a compartment and open shelves.
  • The kitchen cart can be used in any room or as a kitchen island.
  • Can be used to store or use kitchen appliances on the countertop.
  • Caster wheels help in providing better stability to the cart.
  • It comes with a beautiful lacquer finish, which makes it look classy.
  • Comes with complimenting knobs.


  • The storage compartments aren’t spacious enough.
  • The size of the cart is really small.
  • This cart cannot hold too much weight, it is quite flimsy.
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This exceptional cart is one of the most utilitarian kitchen carts of all time! Big spaces, ease of use, beautiful design, and good maneuverability, the cart has it all and it can be in your kitchen as well!

The cart’s biggest advantage is the large space for your kitchen. This cart brings space and style to your kitchen in one piece! With a vast size, it features a double door storage design, which opens up to a big space for your tableware and other kitchen supplies.

There are two shelves on the inside, which help you to find the perfect space for pretty much anything. You can create it as a go-to cart for meals or for mobile storage, the choice is yours.

The color of the cart is cozy and is made with food-grade materials. In other words, the countertop is fit for the preparation of food. You can find other color variants as well.

Furthermore, the countertop is painted with transparent paint, which helps in protecting the surface from ruining the cart and its look.

Another great feature of this cart is that it can be used in pretty much any way you want it to be used. The cart can be used with wheels or can be set in a place permanently.

The wheels that come with the kitchen cart are easy to use and can be removed, whenever required. With four freely rotating casters, the wheels are lockable as well. These features allow you to find stability in the cart and helps you to take it over any terrain.

To enhance the usability of the cart, the cart comes with a side compartment, one is used to keep towels, and with a push handle on one side. The compartment on the side can be used to keep towels or store the smaller objects that are required in a kitchen.

Furthermore, the side with the towel rack can serve two purposes at one time. The small compartment can be used as a storage space, while the railing can be used for towels.


  • Rugged Kitchen Island: The Cozy Castle kitchen island is made of sustainable solid wood, has a food-safe appearance, and can be safely prepared for food. The sturdy kitchen countertop can withstand a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Painted into a transparent paint surface, a durable surface is conducive to prolong the use period.
  • Removable Kitchen Island: The comfortable castle is equipped with 4 rotatable heavy-duty casters. The rolling kitchen island can be freely rotated or fixed in someplace. There are 2 lockable casters under the towel rack to stabilize the kitchen island in certain positions. The metal slide rail beside the slider is convenient for holding and pushing the movement of the kitchen island.
  • Sufficient Storage space: The design of the island trolley is simple but practical. Combined with a large counter and double door design, the interior of the kitchen island can provide double-layer large storage space, allowing you to place more tableware or food. The large layout on the upper floor can also provide a huge space for you to use. In addition to this, the towel rack design and the other side is designed with hanging baskets to store some small kitchen items.
  • Multifunctional: It is very suitable for the kitchen dining car, hotel cart, kitchen bread rack, kitchen storage rack, spice rack storage rack, bread rack, microwave oven rack, kitchen workstation rack, suitable for family, kitchen and hotel and apartment use.
  • Amazing Service: If you have any questions, you can contact them by email, and they will reply within 24 hours. They are not only a seller, but also the best service provider. They will do their best to resolve any questions for you.


  • The design of the cart is amazing, it fits right in your kitchen.
  • This kitchen cart is vast, giving you a lot of space to work with.
  • The two compartments, behind the doors, have deep spaces for storing kitchenware.
  • The top drawer is wide and spacious as well, without any compartments on the inside.
  • There are towel racks on the sides, which can be used as push handles.
  • This cart’s tabletop is made with food-friendly materials, making it safe for food preparation.
  • The kitchen cart can be used as a kitchen island.
  • This cart could be used with or without the wheels.
  • The wheels have lockable features, which makes the cart overall stable.
  • You can find two other color variants of the kitchen cart.
  • This cart can be used to store and use kitchen appliances as well.
  • Can have alternate uses, such a workstation, or breakfast table.


  • There are no push handles, using the towel racks to push does not help.
  • The material is a bit flimsy.
  • It is not easy to assemble, and the instructions are not very clear.
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The South Shore kitchen cart is one of the most stylish kitchen cabinets you can get your hands on! Available in two different colors, this cart is simple, modernistic, and fits the bill for the perfect kitchen cart.

With a wide drawer at the bottom, this cart brings space to you. The cart has two shelves in the middle and a countertop. However, the shelves are not covered on the back.

There is a large storage compartment on the side of the cart. The compartment can be used to store pretty much anything that is narrow and small. There are three shelves on the side as well, which help you store as many things as possible in one cart.

You can use the side compartments to store condiments, wine, or other small things, such as baking soda and such. Additionally, the countertop can be used as a place to keep other things. If you do not want to litter the countertop, you can use it to store some kitchen appliances as well.

Each shelf of the cart can hold up to 25 lbs of weight, which gives you a lot of room to work with. Additionally, you can use the space without a worry about the wheels. The wheels are sturdy and provide stability while moving the cart.

This cart makes for the perfect friend in the kitchen or the dining room. This cart packs a lot of space for a small cart!


  • Material: Laminated Particleboard
  • Water-resistant top surface: the thin film covering the top of this cart makes it water-resistant.
  • A kitchen piece on wheels: The wheels make this cart easy to move, and the two brakes Lock it in place, so you can shift it hassle-free from your kitchen to the dining room.
  • Versatile storage: this piece, which is great for tight spaces, is a storage solution for all sorts of items: spices, Oils, wine bottles, accessories, dishes, etc. Each shelf can hold up to 25 lbs. Use the cart to hold your microwave… or create an extra work surface!
  • 5-Year limited warranty: South Shore is proud to stand behind this microwave cart on wheels with shelves and drawers with an exclusive 5-year limited warranty. Shop with confidence knowing your purchase is always covered. You can trust these products, without even a shadow of doubt! 
  • Easy assembly instructions: all products come with a clear assembly document that will guide you through all steps. The setup process is easy, and if you have any questions during the assembly do not hesitate to contact South Shore Furniture for immediate support. This item is shipped in 1 box, make sure to have a friend with you.


  • It is compact and stylish.
  • It is a three-tier storage kitchen cart.
  • It comes with a drawer, two shelves, and three side shelves.
  • The countertop is solid and can be used for storing appliances.
  • This cart comes with five years (limited) warranty from the company.
  • The box includes an instruction manual, which offers clear instructions for assembly.
  • The cart’s shelves can hold 25 lbs of weight, in one shelf.
  • It is made of Laminated Particleboard, which makes it light and easy to move.
  • The cart construction is quite durable and doesn’t crack.
  • The cart has alternative uses, such as a breakfast table, or work caddy.


  • Does not come with hooks or a handle for ease of use.
  • The particleboard loses its luster and does not look as pretty as it does when it is new.
  • The wheels come off easily, or may become loose with time.
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Sleek in design and smooth in texture, this kitchen cart adds style to your kitchen. The cart comes with two open shelves for storing things, one wide drawer, and one big storage compartment.

This cart comes in an elegant style and is made of rubber wood, MDF, and metal, which makes it stronger than wooden carts. The design compact and cottage-inspired, which would make for a nifty addition to your kitchens!


  • Material: Made of Rubber Wood, MDF, and Metal. MDF is considered more stable than solid wood and stands up better to changes in heat and humidity with far less maintenance needed. Its height is 34.45”H.
  • Save and expand space: This cottage-inspired cart has a slate frame, rubberwood top, a full-length drawer, and cabinet with two spacious shelves inside, two open-tiered shelves with slatted bases, a towel bar, and four heavy-duty locking caster wheels.
  • Feature: The open-tier shelves have a fixed slatted base, which helps to increase airflow. You can roll anywhere. Or, keep it in a fixed position by locking the caster wheels into place. The shelf divider inside of the cabinet is removable for storing bigger items.
  • Style: The natural look and sleek finish will surely fit right in with almost any type of kitchen decor. For smaller kitchens, kitchen carts also do double-duty by acting as a rolling dining surface (this is particularly useful in studio apartments or dormitories).
  • Variety and selection: Assembly required. Hardware and instruction manual included which makes set up fast and easy. Glitz home offers a wide variety of cabinet choices in different colors and finishes to improve your storage space in style. 


  • It is a sturdy cart with metal and MDF build.
  • The cart is weatherproof.
  • It comes with a lot of space.
  • The cart is sleek in look, making it an easy addition to any room.
  • There is a removable shelf in the larger cabinet.
  •  It comes with a manual of instructions.
  • This cart is available in different colors and different finishes.
  •  It has a solid countertop.


  • It is too sleek and too small.
  • The cart looks weak for heavy objects, it can store only light objects.
  • The wheels are not durable and may lose friction, after prolonged use.

Kitchen Carts Making Life Easy: A Cool Addition

When it comes to being productive and making productive use of any space, nothing works like a charm as a kitchen rolling cart. These carts help you organize your kitchen and help you find peace without hampering the set-up of your kitchen.

What’s more, is that these kitchen rolling carts help you to make the most of your purchase. Once you purchase a rolling cart, you can repurpose it as you see fit. You don’t need to use the cart only in your kitchen, you can put the cart in any room you like.

The many varieties and choices in these carts help you find out which cart would suit your kitchen the most. However, when you purchase one, consider the kind of cart you’re purchasing.

Always make it a point to choose those that are easy to clean and have the space you need. Do not purchase a large cart because that’s what people say. Always consider your needs and requirements before you make the purchase.

With that being said, kitchen carts can be taken outdoors, to other rooms, can be repurposed, or can be used as kitchen counters and islands. Adding a kitchen rolling or roller cart to your kitchen would help you solve many problems, which also includes organizing and finding the right space.

So, with the list above, find the right cart for your kitchen. Have a great time shopping!


Why Should You Choose Kitchen Carts?

Kitchen carts, like any other roller cart for your household or workplace, bring you the joy of organization. You can bid goodbye to things that make your kitchen cluttered and make it look like a mess at all times.

Furthermore, you can make use of the kitchen carts to segregate your utensils, your cookware, ceramics, vegetables, condiments, and much more! The thing with kitchen carts is that they are cute and add a bit of snazzy to your kitchen.

There are many choices and different colors, along with great style choices, all of which allow you to go all out with your purchases. You can select styles and colors and types that fit well for your kitchen setting.

You could create a vintage setting or an ultra-modern one, the choices are many. With that said, it is necessary to choose the right kitchen roller cart for your kitchen.

How to choose the right kitchen cart?

As we have established, kitchen carts are just a treat for any kitchen. Now, the question of finding the right one may come to your mind. Worry not, there are some ways to help you choose the right kitchen cart without facing a single problem along the way:

  • The Size: Kitchen carts come in a variety of sizes. With many sizes, the choice may become a bit troubling. However, you decide on the type of style you need by looking at the models you have to choose from.

Furthermore, if you have a small kitchen, instead of picking one big cart, try to buy the smaller ones. You could group the smaller ones together or put them in different areas.

  • The style: One of the primary things to keep in mind while choosing a kitchen cart is the style. Before you select a style for your kitchen cart, you need to consider what kind of style would your kitchen embody.

Once you settle on that you should consider the look of the cart. However, the best advice in this aspect is to choose an ultra-modern style cart, with lots of compartments, in a deep or dark color, these go with pretty much any setting.

  • The purpose: If you plan on buying a kitchen cart, you need to consider what it is going to do in your kitchen. Consider visualizing everything first, and then go from there.

Some people buy kitchen carts solely to store their kitchen wares, while others purchase them to have extra space, and some to have a mobile food tray and serving system. 

If using the tray as an accessory for your meals is the goal, look for the big carts, these serve as the perfect chopping station and as the perfect getaway meal cart.

  • The colors: Of all the decisions you’d have to make regarding a kitchen cart purchase you need. Once you select the size, and the type, you’d pretty much know what color would go well with your kitchen’s setting.

Furthermore, you could even go with the color-coding of these carts. You could simply use different colored carts for different activities and different storage requirements, this would help you remember where your things are stored.

  • The Features: One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you’d need to look at the features of the cart. Consider the make of the cart, understand the type of make material used in the cart and the storage options you’d have with the said cart.

It is essential to keep your mind open to possibilities that may arise later. With that being said, take a look at some of the best kitchen carts available for your kitchen! Happy shopping!