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Best Beach Carts Of 2021 – Reviews and Top Picks

You may love going to the beach and spending a joyful weekend with your family, but the thought of the hassle that may arise due to the quantity of stuff to carry like coolers, umbrellas, towels, diaper bags, sand toys, beach chairs, along with the kids to take care of, may give you nightmares.
Maybe, it’s your time to get the right beach wagon or cart for your family and enjoy your blissful time at the beach! Let’s look at some of the best beach carts of 2021, to make your life easier. These carts are affordable, sturdy, and durable

How We Have Made The List Of Beach Carts?

We looked over the major factors based upon the features and product specifications mostly preferred by the shoppers online like capacity, durability, and accessibility. Their reviews and feedback gave us insights into what improvements each of the products needed to be worked upon by the manufacturers.
Both positive and negative reviews and feedback has been considered to compare the beach carts. We have set certain standards to give you the list of the best carts present in the market in 2021.

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The large capacity wagon opens to approx. 36.2″ x 21.4″ x 24.6″ and can set up in seconds, with no assembly required. It folds to only 9.7″ thick, and the folded size is approx. 31.5″ x 21.4″ x 9.7″ and that includes a 24.5 Lbs carry case.
The heavy-duty frame allows loads up to 150 lbs. The durable 600D Fabric can be easily cleaned. It also features an adjustable handle for effortless transport and 2 mesh cup holders keep your beverages secure.

The blue fabric with a black Frame looks very attractive. Extra-large wheels have been provided for hauling gear to the beach, outdoor sporting events, concerts, picnics in the park, and around the house.


  • Color: Blue/Black
  • Material: Plastic and Fabric Frame
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 36.2 x 21.4 x 24.6 inches
  • Folding Size: 31.5″ x 21.4″ x 9.7 inches
  • Number of Cup Holders: 2
  • Item Weight: 24.5 Pounds
  • Handle: Adjustable
  • Wheels: Large
  • Weight Capacity: 150 Pounds


  • A large capacity wagon that sets up in seconds.
  • Convenient compact storage.
  • Can carry a maximum weight of 50 pounds in deep sand.
  • UV and mildew resistant.
  • Adjustable handle for effortless transport.
  • Two mesh cup holders will keep your beverages safe.
  • Extra-large wheels for hauling gear to the beach.


  • Does not balance well on sand as the front wheels are close together.
  • It is a little difficult to pull the cart over dry sand.
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The large capacity wagon comes with outside dimensions of approx: 35″ x 20″ x 23″ and inside dimensions of approx: 32.5” x 17.5” x 10.5”. It can be stored folded, in an 8-inch wide convenient space and has a folded size of approx 29.5″ x 20″ x 8″, that includes a carry case of 24.5 Lbs weighs.

To lighten up the load its heavy-duty frame allows loads up to150lbs similar to Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart, it also has the durable 600D fabric that can be easily cleaned.


  • Color: Red
  • Material: Plastic and Fabric
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 35 x 20 x 23 inches
  • Folding Size: 29.5″ x 20″ x 8 inches
  • Item Weight: 22.48 Pounds
  • Number of Cup Holders: 2
  • Handle: Adjustable
  • Wheels: Large
  • Weight Capacity: 150 Pounds


  • Large Capacity Wagon that sets up in seconds.
  • Convenient Compact Storage.
  • UV and mildew resistant.
  • Adjustable handle for effortless transport.
  • Two mesh cup holders will keep your beverages safe


  • Does not balance well on sand as the front wheels are close together.
  • It is a little difficult to pull the cart over dry sand.
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This product is the combination of a 2-in 1 beach day folding chair and cargo cart for sunbathing with a comfortable grip and adjustable telescoping handle for easy transport. It flattens when folded and can be conveniently stored in your vehicle, garage, and home.

The large capacity mesh baskets are set up in seconds. This cart can transport your cooler, sporting goods, towels, and any other items, and you can enjoy your day in the sun. Its wide treads and rugged wheels can easily roll over grass, roads, or sand, so it will be easy for you to pull the cart from your vehicle to the beach.

It comes with a comfortable lounge chair with a pillow to rest your head and a four-position adjustable back. This combo cart is perfectly designed for trips to the beach.


  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Polyester, Aluminum, Plastic
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 45.28 x 21.65 x 44.49 inches
  • Folding Size: 35″ x 30.3″ x 9.8 inches
  • Number of Cup Holders: 2
  • Handle: Adjustable
  • Wheels: Large
  • Weight Capacity: 100 Pounds


  • Easy to set up and lightweight.
  • The chair can easily be folded into the wagon and vice versa.


  • There is no cup holder in the cart.
  • There is a need for a footrest on the chair for reclining comfortably.
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The cart is a perfect utility wagon for garden, beach, and shopping purposes, four oversized large wheels with the 360-degree rotation of front wheels and fixed back wheels make this cart more stable to stretch and pull anywhere. It takes seconds to open and fold the cart.
It is equipped with 2 cup holders for drinks with a side storage bag to keep your belongings organized. The pad at the bottom is better for placing items while you are using it for shopping. Due to more space-saving folding capability, you can store other items in the car.
The multipurpose wagon comes with a sturdy steel frame and the fabric can carry weights up to 150 lbs, therefore can be used for different outdoor activities such as camping, beach, laundry room, picnics, shopping, etc.


  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Polyester, Polyester fabric/Aluminum Frame
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 35.5 x 18.4 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight: 24.91 Pounds
  • Folding Size: 30 x 16.5 x 8.8 inches
  • Number of Cup Holders: 2
  • Handle: Adjustable
  • Wheels: Large and collapsible
  • Weight Capacity: 150 Pounds


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Takes less space after folding.
  • Handy pockets.


  • It can roll over sand easily if you’re carrying light loads.
  • Not recommended for use over soft sand.
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This cart comes with a large mesh beg of 15 cubic feet of storage. RIO Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide can be easily folded into a small space. It has 10-inch tread wheels and two articulating front wheels for a smooth ride on hard ground.

The beach cart can carry a load of 100 pounds of weight. The stroller style handle makes the cart easy for kids to pull. You can put up to six beach chairs on the extended top frame capacity; a smaller pocket is provided over the back that can hold sunglasses, cameras, and some other little things.

A 48-quart cooler can be kept on the bottom rack, and the beach wagon also has a strap and pocket on the side for carrying an umbrella. The cart is worth the investment for a small family of four members.


  • Color: Blue Print
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 17.5 x 17.11 x 29.51 inches
  • Item Weight: 18.8 Pounds
  • Number of Cup Holders: 1
  • Handle: Adjustable
  • Wheels: 10 inches Wide
  • Weight Capacity: 100 Pounds


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Has a large capacity.
  • Extra side bag to keep towels dry and free of sand.


  • It can be difficult to lock in the folded position.
  • You have to rinse and dry the cart, every time to prevent it from catching rust.
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This cart is an ideal choice for sporting events, concerts, trips to the park and beaches. Constructed with durable strong steel frames that can carry weight up to 225 pounds, the flexible handle can be bent for quick folding and saving space.

It quickly sets up in seconds by pushing a few buttons. The handle makes towing easy and a 7-inch extra-large wheel is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. Removable fabric and an easy twist-off screw make it easy to clean.


  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Removable fabric, Polyester, Steel Frame
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12.2 x 30.3 x 9.05 inches
  • Item Weight: 23.1 Pounds
  • Folding Size: 12 x 9 x 30 Inches
  • Number of Cup Holders: 2
  • Handle: Adjustable
  • Wheels: Large
  • Weight Capacity: 225 Pounds


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to fold, take less space if folded correctly can fit in a bag.
  • The cart is water-resistant.


  • Hard to steer; the wheels don’t always go in the direction you want them to.
  • A pain to get over steps/curbs; you can’t just pick up the front end and try to pull them back over.
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Best known for its durability and easy accessibility like Timber Ridge and Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart.
Accessible in eye-getting red, the Sekey Folding Wagon Cart highlights four, seven-inch elastic wheels with off-road tracks worked to deal with sand, grass, and a wide range of lopsided ground.

It has a flexible handle, and the collapsing load box is produced using a 600D double-layered Oxford texture upheld by a rock-solid steel outline. With inside elements of 31 x 18 x 10 inches and an unimaginable greatest weight limit of 265 pounds, the beach wagon has a lot of room for every one of your effects, regardless of whether you’re conveying towels and beach seats or pulling kindling.

It even has two work cup holders to keep your beverages upstanding during transport.
The Sekey beach wagon sets up in a flash (no assembling required) and creases away to only 31 x 22 x 7 inches for advantageous stockpiling, sufficiently reduced to store in the storage compartment of your vehicle.

It’s an incredible alternative for the beach, however, it can likewise be utilized to convey food supplies, outdoors rigging, angling, or sports gear, or everything on the side for a mid-year picnic.


  • Has multipurpose uses.
  • Has a flexible handle.


  • Heavy to carry
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On the off chance that you have minimal ones with you at the beach, settle on the Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding Wagon with Canopy. As its name infers, the full-sized wagon highlights three modes — one for pulling as much as 150 pounds of things, another that seats up to two riders, and a seat seating mode.

In any case, it’s anything but difficult to overlay using one hand, so you can bring it anyplace you go. Its UV-blocking shade and safety belts guarantee genuine feelings of serenity, as this 39.4 x 18.5 x 32.7-inch beach wagon is intended for kids one-and-a-half-years-old and more established.
Different rewards incorporate cushioned seat pads, two cup holders, and a back stockpiling pocket.


  • Light Weight.
  • Easy to use.
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When it comes to finding the perfect beach wagon or beach cart, the one with great features becomes a good choice. The beach cart here is one of the best ones for you!
The most interesting thing about this cart is that the wagon can be folded into a table. So, whenever you need a table, you won’t have to look for one, all you need to do is pull the top of your wagon!

The table is on the bottom of the cart, so you’d have to turn it around. Furthermore, the cart comes with a drinks holder, another great feature. You not only get a table to put your things on but also a table with holders for your drinks.

Another great feature of this cart is that it has a lot of space at the bottom. You’ll have at least four spaces for drinks and will have space for more things to put.
The beach wagon can also help you to carry chairs (up to four in count). Overall, the beach wagon can hold up to 75 pounds.

As for the wagon, it is a sturdy beach trolley. The frame is made with powder-coated steel tubing, which boasts rust-free tubing. The bag is made of a spun polyester mesh bag, which helps you find security while storing your things.

The basket, itself, is quite spacious. You can fit all of the things that you want to take to the beach. Interestingly, the wheels are detachable, which makes it easy to store the wagon when you’re not going to the beach.

On the same note, another thing that makes this cart an easy thing to choose is because it can be folded, flat. When you are storing the cart away after good use, you can simply fold it flat and store it. It also makes the cart easy to carry.

The wheels are big and sturdy. Both of those qualities help you navigate through the beach and the sand. Furthermore, the overall weight capacity is just enough to help you take essential stuff to the beach.


  • Material: Steel
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Brand: Copa Beach


  • The beach wagon has a sturdy make.
  • The tubing and the frame of the beach wagon are rust-free.
  • The beach wagon can be turned into a table.
  • It has four drink holders.
  • The basket is spacious for your essential things.
  • The overall weight capacity of the beach wagon is 75 lbs.
  • It comes with detachable wheels.
  • It is easy to store when you’re not going to the beach.
  • ·The beach wagon can help you carry at least four chairs.
  • Comes with a mesh bag for storage.


  • The frame is made of steel, which rusts with time.
  • The mesh bag for storage is not secure, it could flap around.
  • The rivets could break, if not handled carefully.
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While looking for a beach wagon, you should ensure that you go for maximum space in your beach wagon! The WhitSunday beach wagon is a delight to have and is surely a must-have for any beach lover.
The beach wagon comes with two compartments, one big and one small. The two compartments for storage help you find the right things when you need them.
You can store big things, like your drinks, your mats, and other beach items in the bigger basket. The smaller basket can hold essentials, like your cell phones and lotion.
Furthermore, the size of the wagon is just right for any beach person! You can make use of the extended version while you are at the beach. Once you return home, you can simply fold the wagon and store it away.

The folded size of the wagon is very sleek and easy to handle. Another good feature of the beach wagon is that you can make use of the cart as you like.

The push handle of the cart has a 360-degree handle, which allows you to make use of the cart with ease. Furthermore, the wheels of the cart are swivel wheels, meaning the cart won’t have trouble going over the sandy terrain of the beach at all.

With that said, the beach wagon comes in different sizes, you can choose the one that fits your needs and requirements. Furthermore, there are color variants to choose from as well. You can go with solids or you could choose prints!


  • Frame Size: (L)35.5”X (W)19” X (H)24” Canvas Size: Internal dimensions 34″(L) X 20″(W) X 12″(D).
  • The maximum load capacity of 150 lbs for the frame and 20 lbs for the detachable rear storage. The wagon has 6.25 cubic feet of carrying capacity and an additional half a cubic foot with the rear storage attached.
  • Folded Size for the wagon: (L)5.5″X (H)24″X (W)19″. Patented design to ensure easy folding and unfolding. Once collapsed the wagon is very compact, and easily fits into any car trunk or closet. A storage bag is included for transport and storage.
  • Adjustable handle and 360-degree swivel wheels: The tilting pulling handle is telescopic with an adjustable length of 20″ to 30″ for a comfortable height. Heavy-duty and durable rubber wheels can rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering.
  • Buy with confidence: One-year warranty. US company with the US-based live customer support.


  • The cart has two kinds of compartments, one big one small.
  • The push handle is adjustable.
  • All four wheels are swivel wheels, which aid your movement on the sand.
  • WhitSand offers you good customer support.
  • The cart can be collapsed, making storage easy and simple.
  • It can hold up to 150 lbs, and 20 lbs for the rear storage.
  • There are different size variants.
  • There are different color variants that you can choose from.


  • The cart does not hold as much weight as advertised.
  • The handle is flimsy, it could snap off.
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Beach wagons come in different shapes and sizes. Since everyone has different requirements, not all options fit the bill for buyers. The Creative Outdoor beach wagon, however, could work for those with smaller needs.

All of the wagons before had big compartments. This one, however, has a smaller compartment. But that’s not all. The beach wagon comes with a bag, which is easy to use. The long nature of the bag allows you to put stuff in, without worries.

However, the beach wagon is only fit for storing things that cannot be placed sideways or laterally. Furthermore, the solid rubber tires help you to work through any terrain.

Furthermore, the wagon can be doubled up as a dolly. In other words, you can repurpose the beach wagon as you see fit. You can simply fold the bag and have your dolly!

The frame of the beach wagon is made of lightweight aluminum, which is rust-free. Furthermore, aluminum frames are lighter, which helps you to lift and pull this wagon without worrying about the weight.

Additionally, the handle of the beach wagon is super comfortable. The handle has a foam grip, which allows you to pull and push the wagon without a worry.
There are two color variants for this product.


  • Take Anywhere: Oversized, all-terrain rubber treaded wheels, lightweight aluminum body, and a folding frame for portability.
  • Doubles as a dolly: The bag can be easily removed to convert to a dolly.
  • Travel-ready: Use for shopping, camping, moving, indoors, or outdoors. 60lb trolley capacity. This foldable trolley is extremely portable when not in use. Simply fold it up and store it in the trunk of your car, closet, or garage. When you need it – pull it out and expand.
  • Lightweight, durable construction: Features lightweight aluminum frame, foam grip for comfort, and 7″ rubber heavy-duty all-terrain tires on black plastic wheels.
  • Dimensions: Folded: 23.5″W x 7″D x 40″H | Opened: 23.5″W x 13″D x 40″H.


  • You can make use of this beach wagon as a dolly.
  • The bag is easy to use, it comes with a drawstring.
  • The bag has small compartments on the back.
  • The wheels are solid, with all-terrain tread.
  • The frame of the beach wagon is made with lightweight aluminum.
  • The frame is rust-free.
  • Storing this beach wagon is easy.
  • It can be repurposed and used elsewhere.


  • Does not have a lot of storage space.
  • The bag, itself, is small.
  • You can only store things that need to be stored perpendicularly.
  • Storing small things becomes a hassle, as it creates a mess at the bottom.
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One of the best picks on our list, the Equipment Carts wagon works well for any terrain. Although it is essentially a garden wagon, it can be used for pretty much any work, and go about on any terrain.

The best part about this wagon is that it comes with many features! Before we jump into that, there are other things to speak of first.

First of all, the thick and heavy wheels can work just as well on sand as on a hard surface. Furthermore, it can hold up to 300 lbs of weight, which makes it a good choice for anyone!

It comes with many additional things, such as a tool rack, black tub, and two cargo walls. Now, these additional things in the box help you to find the right mix for your needs. You could use all of them, or only some to find your type of wagon.

Furthermore, the wheels are very grippy. Although made for gardening, the wheels help in traveling through the sand without a worry. You can haul quite a weight along.

Another interesting thing is that the cart is made with recyclable resins. If you’re done with the cart or the cart is broken, you can always recycle it!


  • Garden yard cart order includes (1) Expandable Flatbed with 4 wheels (1) Tool Rack (1) Black Tub (2) Cargo Walls.
  • This pull behind the nursery cart weighs 22 lbs yet hauls up to 300 lbs on solid ground.
    Works great on packed sand, wet sand, and shallow 2″ thick sand with hard surface 2″ down.
  • Not recommended for deep soft sand.
  • Manufactured in the United States Made Tough with 2 Year Parts Warranty on this garden yard cart.
  • Our flat free airless nursery garden yard cartwheels can haul soil, fertilizer & big potted plants.
  • The flatbed cart frame expands from 31″ – 34.5″ and again to 38″ in length to fit large ice chest coolers.


  • The cart is lightweight, it only weighs 22 lbs.
  • The cart is made with recyclable resins.
  • This beach wagon can work well on sand as well as on hard surfaces.
  • The wheels are grippy, making traveling easier.
  • The cart can expand, which helps in placing the ice chest coolers in the cart.
  • The cart comes with two-years’ worth of warranty.
  • The cart can hold up to 300 lbs weight, overall.
  • It comes with additional things, a tub, a tool rack, and two cargo wheels.
  • The cart has a flatbed rack, which is expandable.
  • The cart is extremely weatherproof, you won’t see it get damaged.


  • The cart is not good for wet sandy areas.
  • The cart is not exactly sturdy.

Why Invest In Beach Carts?

Going to the beach is an exciting thing. It could be with your friends or with your family. With that said, you will have to carry some belongings to the beach that will help you make your visit memorable.

While going to the beach can turn into a hectic goal, you could easily find ease with the right beach wagon. Investing in a beach wagon would help you solve many problems at hand.

A beach wagon helps you find the relevant space for your things to take to the beach. Additionally, a beach wagon helps you organize your things without a hassle. You could take pretty much every essential thing to the beach.

Furthermore, with the right beach wagon, you could find better ease. Some wagons come with collapsible features, while others come with tables. You could choose the type of beach wagon that suits your style and preferences.

However, when you do purchase one, make sure that you choose the right type of beach wagon. Go through the options at hand and make an informed decision before you make a purchase.
With that said, we come to the end of the blog here. The picks listed in the blog could help you choose the right type of beach wagons, and could help you understand what features you need.

How To Maintain A Beach Cart?

  • Beach wagons, no matter how sturdy, require maintenance. You can make use of certain tips to protect your beach wagon from early ruinations.
  • If you are looking for ways to make your beach wagon last, then here are some tips to help you out.
  • First of all, you need to pack your beach wagon with care. Despite the massive size and weight capacity of the beach wagon, these carts can collapse. You should use your space judiciously.
  • Next, ensure that you clean your cart every now and then. Not cleaning the cart would allow the dust and grime to settle, and it could jam the joints. To make sure that the cart works fine, clean it often.
  • Going to the beach is fun, and in that fun, you may see some spills and spots on your wagon. Make it point to clear those out right away, or else you’ll see a stain growing. Furthermore, it could discolor it.
  • Speaking of discoloring, make sure that you protect your wagon. Although most of the beach wagons are heavy-duty, some of the colors may not survive long hours in the sun.
    Keep your wagon safe. Do not overload it. Furthermore, you should make it a point to load the wagon a bit below the standard weight it can carry.
  • When you are not going to the beach, store it properly. Wrap the wagon with plastic or a cover before storing, this will help in keeping as good as new.
  • Do not forget to clean and protect the wheels. If you see that your cart’s wheels are not sturdy enough, you should replace them. Doing so will help you to make your cart sturdy and resilient.
  • Read the instructions that come with your cart.
  • With that said, you can take care of your cart and make it work for years.

Which Beach Cart Should You Choose?

Factors to consider while choosing a beach cart for your family:

  • Size: One of the most important factors when buying a cart is how much of your stuff fits in according to your family size. If your family size is small opt-in for smaller interior dimensions of beach cart.
  • Carrying Capacity: If you are planning stuff to carry heavy items like a cooler packed with ice and bottles look for a beach cart that can carry weight from 100 to 150 pounds. Avoid overloading the cart with more weight it can manage.
  • Material Quality: Beach carts are mostly constructed light-weighted with a fabric body and a frame made of plastic or metal. Use of washable or open-weave fabric is always recommended for making the cleaning process easy.
  • Handle and Wheels Choices: Height adjustable handles and an ergonomic grip are always helpful for better pulling the cart over the sand of the beach. Large wide wheels are easy to pull over-sand. Look for wheels with thick rubber or polyurethane treads that keep the cart from sinking into the sand.
  • Folding Capability: Look for the carts that can be folded easily and take less space to store in your truck, car, garage, or closet.
  • Cup Holders or Separate Cooler Area: If you are fond of carrying more food items, beverages and want to secure them for long hours while you walk across on sand look for the beach carts that are having separate padded begs and space for coolers.

What Is The Pricing Range of Beach Carts?

Beach carts can range from $22 to $165. Smaller-capacity carts that hold up to 50 pounds range from $22 to $50, while the largest-capacity carts that can hold over 100 pounds range from $100 to $165.

No matter what you decide to bring with you, bringing a beach cart to your next beach excursion is a must. With all the pockets and simple storage, it makes for one of the best ways to hold your normal beach necessitates.

Versatile and durable, these carts can last you for years’ worth of beach trips and can be taken to more than just a beach. Any picnic or outdoor activity is a fun way to use your cart. As long as you have your beach cart, there isn’t any activity that you won’t be prepared for.
I am going to give a short description of another comparison list of beach carts that you can shop that can be used for multiple purposes.

What Can You Carry In Your Beach Cart?

As you are curious to know what you should bring to the beach, then here’s a list of the items to carry. First, take the essentials such as towels and blankets. Second, carry your sun protection as you want to protect your skin from unwanted UV rays that are harmful to your skin and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Lastly take some things for fun for your kids like sand toys, cards and books for your entertainment and some food items to eat, and some beverages to enjoy the drink while sunbathing.