About Professional Carts Inc

Professional Carts Inc is a proud distributor of Salesmaker Carts as well as a broad range of small and medium equipment transport carts. We provide transportation carts for all your equipment, product and service needs. We have the most innovative carts to ensure ease of use and safety for our customers.

Folding And Collapsible Carts For Movement Of:

  • Healthcare and Medical/Lab Equipment
  • Heavy Point-of-Sale (P.O.S.) Equipment
  • Any load needing to be wheeled into a vehicle or building
  • Office/Computer Equipment
  • Beverage and Food Processing Equipment
  • Precision Tool Equipment
  • And more

Here Are Some Benefits Of Using Our Products:

  • Folding carts may reduce injury and time away from work due to injury
  • They allow one person to safely do the job of several
  • They create faster service and sales calls allowing more happy clients per day
  • And much more…
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