ProfessionalCarts - 9 Best Stainless Steel Bar Carts of 2020

9 Best Stainless Steel Bar Carts of 2020

A bar cart is fantastic for those who want to include a bar in their entertainment but can’t go around reconstructing the apartment or the house. So, this is where the bar cart rolls in, to your rescue. 

Easy to have around the place, can be moved around for cleaning, and quickly amps up the luxe factor of your place. Here’s our pick of the nine best stainless steel bar carts, from the Best Bar Carts of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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One of the most elegant looking with a minimalistic design bar cart. The gorgeous trays on this trolley come in a beautiful steel finish. This cart has a 32” height, 15” Width, and 12.25” depth and has the capacity for 6 wine glasses and 5 compartments for wine bottles.

This cart has two decks and plenty of space to hold glasses.


  • Great finish and quality.
  • Is not very sturdy.
  • Two spacious storage shelves.
  • Comes in a steel finish.
  • Accommodates 6 wine glasses and 5 compartments
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This is a spacious modern style bar cart with 2 large circular shelves, three hanging storage for up to 6 wine glasses, and 1 row of storage for three wine bottles. There is additionally a lot of space for glasses and liquor bottles.

It is made in gold finish with mirrored trays to give it that extra elegance. The cart has four wheels for easy maneuvering. 


  • Great quality and looks.
  • Mirrored trays for added elegance.
  • Perfect for a small apartment or a condo.
  • Plenty of space.
  • Removable top shelf.
  • Easy to assemble.
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This a 2-tier metal and glass product that delivers exactly what you need. It has a beautiful black metal finish that looks minimalist and elegant.

 In addition to using it as a bar cart, you can use it also to serve food or turn it into a fancy coffee cart as well. 


  • Beautiful modern look with sturdy build quality.
  • It has 18” length, 27” Width, and 34” height.
  • Has 2 shelves.
  • Four-wheel casters.
  • Tempered glass.
  • Not easy or convenient to assemble.
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The 2-tier bar cart comes in an oval shape with gold metal and glass giving it an elegant look. It comes with 4 rolling casters for easy shifting, with 2 handles on each side. It also has tempered glass shelves for sturdiness. 

It has four casters for mobility and two casters lock for safety while using. The bar cart comes with a removable top shelf and a hanging space for the wine glasses. 


  • Great design and look.
  • 2 shelves for plenty of storage.
  • Sturdy built.
  • Handles on 2 sides for easy moving.
  • Clear tempered glass shelves.
  • 2 lockable wheels.
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This has three shelves in metal and mirror combination. Its gold metal frame and three tempered glass shelves can hold a lot of bottles and glasses. It comes with four wheels that make moving, shifting, and cleaning around the house, super easy.


  • Stylish modern look.
  • Single side handle.
  • Is in an oval shape
  • Has a lot of space.
  • Has 4 wheels for easy use.
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This cart comes with two shelves that are made of safe tempered glass featuring silk-screened geometric patterns which showcase your alcohol collection elegantly. It can hold a lot of liquor bottles and glasses.


  • 4 smooth wheels that allow for flawless movement.
  • It is on the lighter side.
  • Has a lot of space.
  • Has a beautiful and elegant look.
  • Because there are no railings, there is the likelihood for contents to fall off the shelf while moving.
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The cart comes with two shelves and a one-sided handle. It also has a railing for easy maneuvering and preventing spills. It comes with 4 wheels, a gold metal finish, and the shelves are made of tempered glass.


  • Includes 4 casters for easy movement across the area.
  • This cart comes in a large size of 27.56 inches in length, 16.93″ inches in width, and 30.71″ inches in height.
  • Plenty of space for everything.
  • Quality isn’t the best and it shakes when moved around.
  • It has an oval shape and looks very elegant.
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This is a very unique and beautiful circular shaped cart. It has ample room to hold all your alcohol and stemware. It comes in a beautiful silver and gray finish. It has two shelves and four wheels for easy movements around the room.


  • High-quality and classy look.
  • This cart has a 32″ height, 28″ Width, and 14″ depth.
  • Unique circle design.
  • Lots of space.
  • Comes with four wheels for easy use.
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It has two shelves and has handles on two sides. The frame of the cart is made of metal and the shelves are made of glass. It has four caster wheels which lock. It comes in three beautiful metal finishes. It has specific three slots for holding three bottles. The cart is quite versatile as the top can be used to hold snacks or as a tea or coffee station.


  • Two shelves for better organization and a lot of space.
  • The overall size of the cart is 17 inches in length, 26.5 inches in width, and 34.5 inches in height.
  • Made of metal and glass.
  • Easy to control and transport.
  • Four caster wheels which lock.
  • Has a beautiful, elegant, and unique design.

Why Should You Buy Stainless Steel Bar Carts?

As the world stays home, it would be great to be able to still have drinks with friends, without worrying about social distancing protocols or running into strangers and catching infections.

These bar carts are perfect for you to wind down your day with. If you’re looking to adorn your home with some beautiful vintage carts, check out the 9 Best Vintage Bar Carts of 2020. Happy shopping!