ProfessionalCarts - 9 Best Rolling Carts For Cleaning Supplies

9 Best Rolling Carts For Cleaning Supplies

We all love staying in a clean environment. Whether it’s our home or keeping our surroundings clean, it is not just the best preventive method to avoid certain bacterial diseases. A clean environment also leads to fresh thoughts and moods.

Now talking about cleaning, it’s a hobby, and for others, it’s their job popularly known as janitors, who are quite helpful for effective cleaning of homes or large institutes such as a school or a workplace. As the place differs, the requirements for equipment varies too. Imagine cleaning a whole school floor with just a mop. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? For such work, janitors need to be provided with relevant tools and equipment.

They require high-quality equipment and tools to work around the premises. But things sometimes can get quite messy. Keeping all your tools together and carrying them along can be quite a task, especially when you have to hold each tool, like buckets, mops, brooms, etc., separately. This will not only drain all your energy but also you will be spending a considerable amount of time just to retrieve your supplies.

Here we will discuss the top five best rolling cleaning carts for you to ease up your task so that you can carry your tools easily around your house, school, or workplace and work effectively.

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One of the topmost janitorial sets helps you organize your cleaning tools and supplies and carry them along.

This cart’s primary role is to help you eliminate time to arrange your cleaning supplies to make your cleaning process more manageable and effective.

This heavy-duty cart is mostly preferred for bigger areas such as offices, schools, malls, etc. It includes a vinyl bag with a capacity of 25 gallons, a yellow mop bucket, along with a wringer combo.


  • Smooth plastic designed.
  • Includes non-marking casters for better mobility.


  • None
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A spacious multi-purpose rolling cart with 3 large baskets, 4 hooks, 2 extra storage bins, and 1 pegboard provides massive storage space.

It is equipped with 4 heavy-duty casters (2 lockable) with 360° rotation and a “U” shape handle design for easy movement.

The removable pegboard storage bins can be extended optional in multi styles for needs. It is a multi-purpose cart that can be used to clean supplies, kitchen storage, bookshelves, etc.


  • Elevated edges prevent small objects from falling off.
  • 4 high-quality rubber wheels,won’t hurt your floor, strong and smooth to move anywhere
    detachable hooks can be combined freely


  • Not quite smooth movement.
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This 3 tier metal utility rolling cart can be used in the office, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

You can use it to store cosmetics, cleaning supplies, dishes that any items you want.4 heavy-duty casters (2 Lockable) make this utility cart easy to move or stop anywhere in the house to take care of your task.

Its universal freewheel design makes it easy to carry around at home while you take care of your house cleaning routine.


  • Two handles to take full control of movement.
  • 3 larger baskets with raised edges ensuring the safety of your stuff.
  • The mesh holes in baskets ensure efficient airflow, keep your object clean, and avoid liquid buildup.


  • Not at all corrosion resistance
  • Complicated instructions to assemble.
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The Rubbermaid Executive Series Housekeeping Cart is designed to allow the janitors to complete their cleaning work more effectively, spending less time retrieving supplies.

It is designed to focus on providing 40% more carrying capacity than most traditional carts.

It is mostly preferred by janitors in schools, workplaces, etc. this cart comes with a removable platform and interchangeable handles that allow you to customize it to complete specific tasks and 4 durable casters that allow quiet and free mobility.


  • WaveBreak charging buckets.
  • Removable platform and interchangeable handles.
  • Mop bucket platform to keep microfiber safe.


  • Complicated to assemble
  • No 360-degree free wheel movement
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One of the fantastic carts currently on the market charts.
The cart features 3 shelves for the better placement of your cleaning equipment and helps you organize your janitorial supplies such as towels, spray bottles, trash bags, and more.

The cart comes with a 25-gallon vinyl bag for easy waste and laundry collection. It also has an expandable front platform to hold an extra trash bag or mop bucket.


  • Includes 4 non-marking casters for easy movement across the area.
  • An expansive platform for the extra bucket.
  • Corrosion resistance structure


  • Not easy to assemble
  • No 360-degree freewheel design.
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This versatile cart has 3 shelves with raised edges, a handle, and broom holders with hooks making it flexible to store and transport cleaning supplies.

It’s made out of rugged polypropylene that resists cracking, peeling, and corrosion of the cart’s structure. This janitor cart includes three strong shelves designed with raised edges to ensure your cleaning supplies are well organized and avoid spillage.

It includes 3 inches swivel casters in the front and 8 inches non-marking wheels at the rear for better movement across the floor.


  • High-quality nylon bag with the capacity of carrying up to 25 gallons
  • Provided with 4 durable casters for easy mobility
  • Peeling, cracking, and corrosion resistance.


  • Quite complicated to assemble
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This is a commercial-grade cart with a structure made out of polypropylene, making it resistant to corrosion, cracking, and scratches.

It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds but is still provided with an expanded cart, boosting the storage space.

The cart is quite versatile as the disposal bag is also replaceable, while the hooks on the sides hold the cleaning tools firmly and easily. It also has smooth casters for easy control and transport.


  • Easy to store waste and maintain hygiene.
  • 3 shelves for better organization of tools.
  • Easy to control and transport


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Not that lightweight as compared to other products.

What Are The Benefits Of A Rolling Cleaning Utility Cart?

Just imagine you have a whole house or an office floor to clean and sanitize. We often spend a large amount of energy and time just to retrieve our tools and equipment from one place to another. Janitor cart helps you to sort things in a better way.

Investing in a janitor cart or a multipurpose utility cart can prove to be a good option that will ease your cleaning task and help you organize your equipment and tools.

These janitor carts include separate sections like an expanded tray for buckets, handles, and holders for brooms, towels, mops, etc. A high capacity trash bag is mostly replaceable.

These carts also make it easy for anyone to accommodate their tools and equipment in one place for all. No matter if you need to clean your house, school halls, office, or anywhere. You will find all your requirements in one place and eventually, you will save a good time to work on some other stuff. After all, who wants to spend the whole day just cleaning?

Features to Consider While Buying Rolling Cleaning Carts

  • Weight Limit: Before buying your cart, we need to check its stability and sturdy enough to carry all the necessary cleaning equipment and the weight of fully loaded collection bags. The ideal capacity of such carts should be 300 pounds.
  • Structure: Most quality janitor carts are usually made from steel, keeping in view the cart’s strength and some plastic to make it easy to move along.
  • User-friendly: To have an effective cleaning, make sure that the cart is lightweight and moves freely around the house. Best models are designed under a freewheel concept with 2 or 4 wheels to provide more stability, including a push handle.
  • Collection Bag Capacity: Normally, trash bags can carry up to 25 gallons of trash. Thus the capacity of the included collection bag should be perfect to fit your cleaning requirements.
  • Cost: Such products typically cost between 100$-200$, but the price may differ as per the product. So make sure you pay the right price for the right product.

Why Buy A Rolling Cart?

Today, our style of work is changing, and so is the market. Now we can find several options for anything, and if we talk about rolling carts, the market offers a variety of options to choose from. Thus, before buying one, you need to understand your requirements and then consider the best.

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This article has outlined the top 5 best janitor carts and utility roller carts that you can consider for commercial and house cleaning purposes. These carts are selected by considering and comparing their major highlights such as weight, wheel balance, and capacity.

Hence, in order to complete your cleaning task, make sure you select the right cart that fits your requirements.