ProfessionalCarts - 5 Best Dollies For Plants In 2020

5 Best Dollies For Plants In 2020

We all love plants, don’t we? They help us build a fresh and calm environment whether inside or outside the house. We can’t deny that placing and hanging plants inside and outside can be quite a task. They can be considered as a rolling cart or basket for plants that are easy to move, and many of them have excellent drainage systems to prevent your plants from drowning.

Here’s a fact we can’t deny that shopping for plant dollies is quite stressful where your mind is always overwhelmed with a bunch of questions.

That’s why here we share the list of best plant dollies and we hope that you find it useful and quite informative to help yourself select the best. Also, check out Best Dollies Of 2021 – Review & Top Picks.

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This rolling plant caddy is made from strengthening resin which is responsible for its strong hardness and toughness. It is rustproof and durable.

This plant pot mover includes a tray that is used to hold water while you water it to avoid any overflow. With 360° universal wheels, this plant pot caddy helps you to move your flower pots around in any direction. you can move your heavy potted plants without any challenge. This way you can regularly expose your plant to enough sunlight by day and move it in at dusk. Let’s take a look at a few other highlights:


  • Round shape pallet which is suitable for multi-shapes of plant pots. It has the function of water storage, preventing the floor from getting wet when you are watering.
  • Can be widely used for indoor and outdoor movement of garden pots, heavy plants, large vases, big-sized potted plants, etc. protecting your floor from being worn out.
  • Universal wheel design enables 360-degree rotations to make your work easy and efficient, move heavy planters around your home or garden breezily without damage on your floor, and there is the mute design on wheels.
  • Made from strengthening resin, making it lightweight and durable strength. No aging and no rust.
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You can easily move heavy plants with this plant dolly. Designed with steel rubber wheels and swivel casters, this plant dolly allows large plants to be moved safely with ease inside or outside of the house.

Constructed with quality materials, this plant dolly is weather resistant and will not deteriorate in harsh weather conditions increasing its durability. Let’s take look over other features:


  • Move large plants indoors and outdoors hassle-free.
  • Sturdy construction holds a withholding capacity of up to 500 lbs.
  • Durable steel casters with rubber wheels
    12 in. Diameter
  • The last plant dolly on the market with rubber wheels.
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Stay confident about moving your large, heavy pots around your house, deck, carpet, or wooden floor with this Down Under Plant Caddie. This plant caddie is made out of heavy-duty, UV resistant plastic that can support up to 500 lbs if the plant pot is positioned evenly over the wheels.

Hole in the middle of the Plant Caddie acts like an effective drainage system that helps your pots and planters drain properly and maintain healthy plants.
Here are some other features:


  • 6 high-quality durable nylon and steel wheels.
  • 2 locking caster that helps keep caddies in place.
  • Comes in black and terra cotta to compliment your decor.
  • Hole in the middle that helps your pots drain properly and maintain healthy plants
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With this caddy, you can easily move your heavy plant anywhere in the house. Its saucer is made of GFRP, which has the same strength as steel, but still keeps it lightweight.

Also, GFRP possesses the quality of no rust and no deformation.
It is up to 2cm thick along with a strong carrying capacity of up to 700 pounds.
Each caddy has 6 PU tires that will never scratch your floor and 3 of them with locks which are usually installed adjacently.
Here are some additional features


  • A plant caddy that is incredibly strong and heavy-duty helps you to easily move your heavy plant anywhere.
  • Grid-like saucer up to 2cm, with strong carrying capacity up to 700 pounds.
  • 6 black wheels that adopt a powerful steel bracket, 360 degrees turning freely.
  • Along being used for moving garden pots and heavy plants, also used for moving whiskey barrels, household appliances, and other heavy things.
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Are you looking for a wooden plant caddy with wheels for your family or friends? Then this can prove to be one of the best wooden plant caddies that you shall not miss to check out. You might strongly desire to improve your lifestyle, don’t you? No need to worry about it not supporting the weight of your planter. Limitada Wooden Plant Caddy with wheels comes with a special design for those who want to bring a change in their lifestyle.

It is made 100% out of acacia wood. The reason for choosing acacia wood is durability. Acacia wood is durable, strong, quite tough, and resilient.
Let’s take a look over the major highlights of this product:


  • Made of 100% acacia wood. Comes in walnut color and easy to use.
  • This plant stand is high-quality wooden thick that makes it can bear heavier plant pots.
  • 4 heavy-duty casters wheels with long life 360 degrees rotating allow for 150 lbs.
  • Reduces heavy lifting with 360-degree rotating casters for easy movement of your heavy plants.
  • Plastic casters prevent scratches to wood floors, concrete, and a carpet which is best in use for outdoor and indoor movement around the house.

Why Should You Buy Dollies For Plants?

There are various ways to check the reviews and make any selection before you buy a plant caddy from online shopping sites, market research, etc. But there are few pointers that you can consider such as:

  • Cost of the product
  • Durability and availability
  • Additional features
  • Weather resistance and lightweight
  • Customers review the product

These are some major points that you can consider before making a perfect selection according to your use and improving your house space and decor.
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