ProfessionalCarts - 5 Best Appliance Hand Trucks of 2020

5 Best Appliance Hand Trucks of 2020

It’s indeed tough to move. Most individuals, even if they are not heavy, are shocked at how much physical effort it takes to transport large and bulky items!

Regardless of whether it will help relieve the burden for industrial or residential use, and minimize the body’s exhaustion.

Hence, hand trucks are a helpful tool, they can help ease the physical strains caused by moving these large items and provide leverage for 1 individual to do the job themselves.

Therefore in this article, we provide you with the list of best appliance hand trucks for you to choose from.

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For several reasons, we have listed this Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly by Harper Trucks as the best choice for our heavy-duty hand trucks. Glass-filled nylon plastic, which is chemical, corrosion, and rust-resistant, is largely due to the mold, resulting in longer life and a reduced cost over time. This dolly is also assembled in the United States, which we think allows it a greater quality product.


  • Manufactured in the USA; Harper exclusive I-Beam Glass Filled Nylon Plastic Frame is 30% lighter than steel and designed for maximum strength (Plastic frame is factory Pre Assembled)
  • Glass-Filled Nylon Plastic Frame is chemical, corrosion, and rust-resistant for longer life
  • Converts in seconds from 2 wheel dolly to 4 wheel cart – 600 lb dolly and 700 lb cart capacity (Product images illustrate both uses, but only one cart is being sold)
  • Heavy-duty 10″ solid rubber wheels and 5″ heavy-duty swivel casters
  • Three-position telescoping handle, built-in stair glides for easy moving up or downstairs, and curbs. Requires easy assembly of wheels and base plate
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The premium option by Magliner is next on our list of the best hand trucks that we reviewed. This is for a professional mover, delivery person, or even a homeowner who needs the highest quality product where there is no general concern about price. Keep reading if that sounds like you.


  • 2 in 1 truck converts from 2 to 4 wheels in seconds
  • Dimensions – Overall width: 21″ | Frame width: 12″ | Deck width 12″ | Overall length (4 wheel): 55 – 3/4″ | Height (as hand truck): 61″ | Height (as platform truck): 45 – 1/8″ | Platform bed length: 51″ | Platform height from floor: 10 – 1/2″ | Nose: 18″ x 7 – 1/2″
  • Maximum Weight – Capacity (as hand truck): 500 lbs | Capacity (as platform truck): 1000 lbs
  • High capacities reduce the number of trips per day, increasing productivity
  • Strong, lightweight construction reduces user fatigue
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This taller folding hand truck is stronger than the extra-compact ones for heavier loads, even if you don’t have the four-wheel hand-cart feature. If you’re moving something heavy, it’s no replacement for a full-size hand truck, but it covers the middle of the range and offers additional flexibility.


  • Solid steel frame with a maximum load capacity of 135 kg.
  • Simple operation and quick installation without aids or tools.
  • Can be used as a hand truck with two or four-wheel transport cart
  • Foldable: fits in almost any trunk
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In addition to the excellent standard of the old edition climbing cart, the Mecete Improved Stair Climbing Cart also enhances stress, power, and comfort.


  • Mecete Enhanced Stair Climbing Cart has baking varnish’s surface, shining black. Maximum load: 460lb (210kg) PS: from the video you can see that our climbing cart can hold a maximum load of 225KG (495lb), but for your safety, we recommend you do not carry a load over 460 lb!
  • With a heavy-duty frame, it is perfect for carrying groceries, luggage, and laundry up and downstairs. Besides, this Enhance Stair Climbing Cart has 3 poles of handles, which will increase the tension and capacity. We have tested that both flat floor and stairs, our cart has 460 lbs’ capacity.
  • When using our Mecete Enhanced Climbing cart to carry heavy cargo(weight more than 300 lbs), we have prepared 2 climbing ropes for you. Mecete Stair Climbing Cart has a considerate design of a small grip handle underneath the chassis. You can easily turn this climb cart into the tool to team lift, in case the weight of the cargo is too heavy for one person
  • The stair climbing wheels are made of high-quality rubber tires for smooth rolling and less noise.
    FOR THE RECORD! Each one of Mecete Enhanced Stair Climbing Cart is newly designed and specifically made, each one of GCC-0002 is, we can assure you, 100% brand new!
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With kickback swivel wheels for protection, this heavy-duty Roughneck 2-wheel appliance truck quickly transforms into a 4-wheel truck. It has excellent stair climbing capacity and includes fast tightening of the auto-rewind ratchet belt for the stable cargo hold. Using in the place of a 2-wheel or 4-wheel. Good for transporting big heavy objects, vending machines, appliances, safes, furniture, and others.


  • Robust steel construction with a powder-coat finish for extra strength
  • The rubber-coated frame helps protect the load from damage
  • Rolls smoothly on two 8in. aluminum-center rubberized wheels
  • Features two retractable 4in. poly casters to support bulky and heavier loads
  • Features auto-rewind ratchet belt for secure tightening of the load to dolly

Why Should One Buy Hand Trucks?

The above-mentioned hand trucks are the best available ones, online. And here’s why, they are heavy-duty, and hence can be used to transport appliances, furniture, and more.

The quality of all the mentioned above is amazing and they are durable, because of which they will last you a long time. They are easy to use and easy to move. The above-mentioned hand trucks are built for heavy stuff and are strong.

Talking about the price of these, they are good quality and in this case, you get what you pay for!

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